Tajweed – Art of reciting the Quran

Tajweed literally means ‘To beautify ‘. Tajweed is nothing but the set of rules and regulations of pronunciation while reciting the Holy Quran. It enhances the way one pronounces the words in Quran and helps in pronouncing them in the way akin to the way they were pronounced by Prophet Mohammed. As it teaches and clears the way one pronounces Quran it is essential to learn Tajweed for everyone who recites Quran on day to day basis. Tajweed not only influences the pronunciation of Quran but also the meaning of the verses in Quran that is why Tajweed is popular in many parts of the world where people recite Quran.

As Quran is one of the most reading holy books it has lot of prominence in terms of acceptability and applicability. So, pronouncing and reciting it in the proper and correct way is utmost important. This popularity and prominence of Quran has also enriched the importance of Tajweed across globe. Tajweed has its applicability in almost all the places around the globe where Quran is being recited and practiced. The usage and need of Tajweed laid foundation for many online portals where one can enroll and take regular Tajweed classes in order to improve the way they recite verses of Quran. Along with online Tajweed classes even online Quran classes are available where one can join in certain communities and can learn and understand the Quran in its original form. By accessing to such online sources would provide avenues to spread Islamism and principles of Quran in its original form to millions across globe.

Alike Quran tajweed also being translated or has dictionaries where in one can find meaning or pronunciation of Tajweed words in their native language. As Quran is being translated to many other languages, there is a need for translation of Tajweed even. This translation of Quran and Tajweed makes it more accessible, available and affordable by many. By utilizing these online resources one can improve the way they pronounce Quran by using proper Tajweed pronunciation and also can enhance their understandability of Quran. The online channel of learning Tajweed would improve the quality of Quran pronunciation and also at their own comfort one can improve their knowledge and love of God. Especially learning Quran with Tajweed online would be an effective and efficient way of spreading the message of Islam and supreme god Allah.


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