The holy Quran- The source of guidance

The holy Quran is the source of guidance and an important religious book for Islam religion. All the discourses in the holy book are being expressed by god Allah’s messenger. It’s an ultimate solution to many problems of humans. It is completely based on a message by Allah and encourages people to follow and have faith on Allah while dealing with various human problems. It is believed by people of Islam that the Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad by Allah in the month of Ramadan. The holy book contains 300 pages which are divided into 114 chapters called Surahs. And further the Quran has 6666 ayahs or verses.

It is believed by the Islamic religion that Quran is the book that throws light on the life and erases all the sins and gives happiness to those who believes and recites it. It is being treated as the book that teaches respect and guides every one till the Day of Judgment. Reciting one juz per day would show the path towards one’s destiny. As it is written in the form of a conversation between God and the human it depicts how one should serve and worship the supreme god Allah.

As a practice every Muslim has to recite a jaz per day be it is a young or old individual. But reciting Quran is not an easy affair as everyone cannot understand the original way it is being written. That is why the Quran is being translated to many other language to spread the word of God Allah. One such translation involve translation of Quran to English as English is one of the most common and widely speaking language in the world. Learning or reciting Quran in English would spread it too rapidly across and also makes it more popular and famous across globe. Also reciting Quran in English enhances the understanding of the verses which are basically written in Arabic language. As Quran is the only holy book that is being read over and over it is very important to have the accessibility of the book as and when it is needed. These are the certain factors that made the online access to Quran and also its accessibility in original and translated forms possible. Now, Quran is available online in both in English and in Arabic languages. On a whole Allah is the supreme personality to be followed and worshiped by the Muslims across the globe and that is why Quran is the only book being read by millions.


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