Recite Quran with Tajweed

Reciting or reading Quran regularly is a tradition of Muslims spread across the world. Simply reciting Quran would not make the purpose of reciting. However, recapitulating Quran with proper pronunciation would only serve the purpose of reciting Quran. For inculcating proper and correct pronunciation of Quran learning tajweed is must for all those who discourses Quran daily. People believe reciting Quran is nothing but acquisition of knowledge and its application. So, it is very important to pronounce and discourse Quran in right way. Tajweed is the way which improves the Quran recitation.

Tajweed Islamic Quran is the original form of Quran which is being pronounced by Prophet Mohammed to his disciples who comprehended it further. So, it is mandatory for all who reads Quran daily to understand and acquire the knowledge of tajweed. It is believed by many that Quran is being originally recited by Prophet Mohammed in Tajweed. Learning tajweed would give that original touch to the suras of Quran which was originally being recited by the prophet Mohammed. As the Quran was revealed originally with Tajweed rules in it, it is advisable to all those reads Quran regularly to learn tajweed to preserve the originality of Quran.

To preserves the originality of Quran and to protect the rules governing it learning tajweed is a way out for readers of Quran. For learning tajweed there are many modes available. One among them is learn tajweed online. There are online educational institutions that are offering the learning avenues for those who wish to recite Quran in its original form. The online portals are coming up with wide variety of facilities such as, personal tutor, member ship facilities at relatively lesser fee, convenient and flexible teaching methods and so on. All these facilities are making online tajweed coaching a more desirable and flexible way of learning tajweed.

Through learning tajweed and reciting Quran with tajweed rules would mean giving their rights and due characteristics to each letter of the Quran. The holy Quran is believed to be the infallible source of knowledge given by Allah for the welfare of mankind. Knowing and understanding Quran in its original form and reciting it in a permissible way would fulfill one’s duty towards god and his principles. So, it is advisable to all who recites Quran regularly to access and learn tajweed principles through various modes of communication that are available in these days for learning tajweed.


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