Do you wish to apply Tajweed rules?

Do you recite Quran regularly? Is reciting Quran means just reading it for the sake of tradition since ages or does it has any meaning? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must read these few lines about Quran and its recitation. Reciting Quran means reciting it in the same way it was preached to prophet by god Allah because recitation means talking to god directly. It is believed by many around the globe that Quran is written as a conversation between god and prophet. As per such beliefs if one is reciting Quran means he/she is communicating with the supreme god directly. As a matter of fact you are talking to god and god is listening to you.

However, many of us don’t know the fact that the god preached all the rules and duties to be perceived and applied by you in your daily courses of action. Learning and reciting them daily means being in touch with god every day. If you wish to be with god everyday do the right thing that pleases him and recite the holy Quran in the way it was preached by him. Hence, to recite the Quran in its original form you need to apply Tajweed rules to Quran which a very few of us know. What to do now? How to learn that rules? Don’t worry the advancements of technology made it easy and sophisticated to learn and apply tajweed rules to Quran a convenient and hassle free task. Learn tajweed rules at your convenience with our online portals which are designed to serve the needs of many like you across world.

Our online platforms would assist and fastens your learning process at the cost of convenience. We designed our teaching methodologies in such a way that would give you a chance to look at your own progress at a regular interval while it assist the tutor in modulating his/her pace according to your progress. Our platforms and tutors are designed and trained to be tutee-centric rather than just preaching. We ensure you adhere to the most specific and accurate way of reciting Quran by applying the tajweed rules in their original form. We address your learning issues time to time and extend our assistance at any time you wish for. The schedule of the classes also can be decided by you as per your convenience. You can also record the classes and can listen to them later as and when you want to. Are you ready to learn tajweed rules? then stay online and stay tuned.


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