Do you wish to recite Quran with Tajweed rules applied?

Do you wish to recite Quran without losing its originality? Or are you planning to recite Quran with the original rules applied to it? Then you are in right track as here we are providing few tips and modes of learning recitation of Quran with original rules of tajweed application to it. Leaning Tajweed is a dream of many people who recites Quran on a daily basis as it is believed that Quran was recited by Allah with Tajweed rules applied to it. Perhaps, with this attachment of Quran with Tajweed has made learning Tajweed a compulsion and an expectation for many.

The Tajweed rules application to Quran though seems to be difficult can become easier if you have a right guidance right from your first attempt. Unlike Quran classes, the Tajweed rules can be by hearted by you only when you listen and practice them as many times as possible. However, doing it without a proper and continuous support would not be possible as the tajweed rules are completely scripted in Arabian language. Thus, to make such complex task an easier and friendly one we have come up with a new and novel mode of learning Tajweed and that is nothing but online Tajweed classes. The online tajweed learning is a gift to Quran readers by modern strides of technology. The online Tajweed classes aim at improving the Quran reader’s quality of recitation Quran while applying Tajweed rules.

The online training programs are designed with various levels of learning which starts with a basic/beginners level which assist a new reader of Quran. The basic level is succeeded by intermediary and final levels which are basically for medium knowledge and fully knowledge preceptors of Quran and tajweed rules respectively. The online classes appoint tutors who are committed and have zeal to teach Quran in its originality. The Learning environment of online sessions is tutee-friendly and applies all such methodologies that are tutee-centered. The timing, level of teaching, language and many such factors which affects your learning capabilities would be addressed by the tutor. The tutees also get a learning kit which comprises of audio-visual aids to learning and are self-explanatory in nature. Along with the kit the tutees also get certain webinars and video conferencing classes would make online interaction possible between tutor and tutee, thus creating a congenial environment for learning tajweed. Don’t think any more, go and enroll an online session and update your tajweed rules.


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