The holy Quran – Now available at click of a button

Unlike older generations, the generation of today prefers to go with a short cut, flexible and cost free methods of learning anything. One such interest of young generations of today stressed on the creation of web portals for Quran, the holy book recites by many around globe. The online availability of Quran made it more popular in terms of its readability as even people who doesn’t have any customary compulsions also reads it to acquire new arena of knowledge. Thus, the online availability improved its visibility and readability across world.

This online availability of Quran encourages one to enroll for a course work that charges a minimum amount from the tutee. However, there are certain web portals where people can learn Quran for free. Such, web portals are formed with an intention to create value to the religion and to the Quran. This web portals offer manuscripts of Quran in their web pages with the rules and recitation style to be followed to recite Quran in its originality. These web portals are completely free of cost and are aimed at spreading the good to the maximum number of people. The web portals act as vehicles for transportation of god’s words to large segment of believers who can’t access Quran offline mode.

The web portals not only provide free Quran but also provide certain applications which can be downloaded and can be accessed at any point of time. This free and flexible availability and accessibility makes ones regular ritual of recitation much easier as they can access to the content of Quran at any time of day by just connecting to internet. The free online Quran accessibility along with free online support system would enrich your learning and reciting experiences. The free online Quran accessibility introduced it to many aspirant readers of Quran and aids them in their regular recitation exercise. Few online portals also offer certain add-ons such as free online consultancy on Quran, audios on pronunciation of Quran, Webinars and video sessions on tips to improve the quality of your recitation. With all such add-ons you can strengthen and fasten your Quran recitation process. All this can happen at just click of a button. Click the button at your convenience and learn Quran.


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