How Reading The Quran Online Has Supported Spreading This Great Religion

After the Christianity, Islam is regarded as the most popular religion practices around the globe. Almost 23% of people around the globe practice Islam and have their faith in this great religion. The Quran as the holy scripture of this religion, contains all the rules and regulations and the principles of life with all essential rules and regulations. This is the reason why every Islamic follower learn how to read Quran and propagates this holy practice for its second generation with the help of a Quran teacher, who practices young ones about how to read Quran with its meanings and implications.

Availability of Quran Online:

With the advancement in technology, the holy Quran is now available in digital form online. People who are interested in the Islam, can learn to read Quran online and that too free. With availability of Quran, now people can read the Quran online for free and that too in their preferred language. People who would like to read Quran in its original language, can read Quran Arabic online and learn Tajweed rules and regulations. Even people who are non-Muslim but love to read and research Quran, they can also learn how to read Quran online for free. The online availability has allowed anyone to read Quran and learn to read Quran in their preferred language.

How it helps in spreading the religion:

Islam for its principles and easy understanding has been practices in most parts of the world. There are madrasas and mosques that offer Quran teachers who makes people learn Quran with Tajweed. Even the online Quran tutors are available that allows learn and read Quran online free. Online availability helps people to access online portal from any corner of the world and helps spreading it with ease. Now, with the help of online Quran teachers people from any corner of the world can teach, learn and discuss Quran online. This inspires many to follow the path of Islam with simple understanding of Quran and thus it helps in spreading religions.

How online availability helps in preaching:

With online availability of free Quran, and Quran teachers, people can start learning from how to read Quran in the right manner, what are the Tajweed rules to follow and how to purify body and mind before reading Quran. This online preacher offering learning how to read Quran and that to Quran in Arabic online helps people to access Quran at their convenient time and read them.

Free online Quran helps knowledge quest:

Moreover being free, these facilities for reading the Quran online for free with the help of a teacher and moulabi, helps people to spread this divine religion with its original teachings. This eases the understanding of Quran in Arabic and also preaches Quran online for the new devotees. There are websites like which offers facilities to read Quran Arabic online and helps in Quran reading online free.

Online availability of free Quran has helped million of believers along with others to this sacred text. This is also a great facility for the researchers who are doing research on the Quran and its Tajweed rules. This facility to learn Quran with Tajweed has helped many to understand the significance of its rules and teachings and practice that in their daily life.


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