Quran A Holy Book of Islamic Religion Needs Proficiency to Read It

The primary source of Muslim’s faith and practice is Quran. The Quran is concerned about worship, law, wisdom and other such things. It relates human beings with god and provides them peace of mind. If you want to recite Quran and reveal it to Muhammad then you need complete knowledge of Arabic language. The Quran only exists in Arabic language and everyone can’t know Arabic language. We are rendering classes for Quran teaching which is run by our expert Quran Tutor. Reading, reciting and learning Quran is not easy and require extra practice for non-Arabs and beginners. For beginner, first the basics of Quran are important to know. We provide regular classes in order to expertise in Arabic language and Quran. The tutoring of Quran is not an easy task so we have hired proficient teachers for letting you learn Quran beneficially. They provide you rules for learning and reciting Quran. You can recite Quran as per your needs like many times in a day, one time in a day and many more schedule of reciting Quran. The numbers of time you recite or memorize Quran decide your position in the paradise.

Learn Quran Online As Per Your Comfort of Time and Place

You can take Quran tuitions from our well versed teachers personally and online. We also provide classes of online Quran that provide you comfort and ease to learn it from anywhere and at anytime. We provide all tips and tricks that let you easily learn how to recite Quran. In online Quran classes, we provide you all knowledge about alphabets, sounds, vowels and preaching of Quran. The Quran is divided in certain lessons which are further divided which means it takes a long time to learn particular lesson. Our classes make you perfect in Arabic language thus providing you ease to recite Quran. It’s very difficult to preach Quran which is known as tajweed and in order to do it you need to learn Tajweed rules. In order to Learn tajweed rules you need best teacher and proper guidance which we provide you easily. You can ask anything from us regarding any problem in reciting Quran, tajweed rules or to learn tajweed rules. The correct way of reciting Quran provide you peace of mind and make you feel of being god with you. The learning of Quran preaching requires practice and we always help you to solve all your issues related to it.


Quran A Divine Spiritual Book Providing Feeling of Purity

The Quran is not just a holy book but it’s a word of Allah and can’t be compared with others. The Quran has its own value that is treasured throughout the lifetime. In Islamic religion, a person begins to recite Quran since their childhood and it removes all the darkness and moves you towards bright future. It is believed that holy Quran is the final message of Almighty Allah that re4neders you good deeds, free you from sins, provide valuable knowledge and many more cultural and social knowledge. If you belong to Islam religion then reciting Quran is Islamic duty. It’s not ease for the beginners to recite Quran as it is written in Arabic language. To let you fulfills your Islamic duty in right way and appropriately we have organized Quran teaching classes. For tutoring of Quran we have hired best teachers who are highly proficient in it and Arabic language too. You can ask anything from our Quran Tutor and they provide you complete knowledge of Quran from it origination till it effects in this world. If you are far away and want to learn how to recite and preach Quran then we are providing you online Quran classes. In online Quran classes we help you to learn Arabic language and its basics, Quran and its importance and many such useful things.

Tajweed rules for reciting and preaching Quran in right manner

The meaning of tajweed is enhancing or improving and help to read Quran with right pronunciation. To preach Quran in right way Tajweed rules are must to learn. You can Learn tajweed rules from our tutors who are always ready to solve all your problems. Our main aim is to let you recite Quran beneficially and correctly. For beginners or non-arabs, our tutors provide classes for tajweed rules that help them to learn how to recite Quran. As Quran is a key of peace and satisfaction therefore you must know its correct preaching for which you need to learn tajweed rules. People recite Quran accordingly like on regular basis, many times in a day, etc. The total or amounts of Quran you memorize in your life decide your position in paradise. You can learn tajweed rules from our tutors or through our online tajweed classes. Now, you can learn tajweed and its rules from our online classes anytime as ideal for you and from any place.

The Right Way to Recite Your Prayers To God (Allah)

Every religion has its own rituals to recite prayers to god likewise in Islam religion. Quran is the recitation which is believed by the Muslims to be revealed by God to Muhammad. The Quran is written in Arabic language so anybody who wants to pray Allah or start a Quran must be familiar with Arabic language. There are various chapters in which Quran is divided which is called suras and it then again divided into verses which are known as ayahs. The person who completely memorizes the Quran is known as hafiz. There are certain protocols for reciting Quran that one should follow correctly. In Islam religion, everyone recite Quran since childhood so it difficult to learn Arabic and recite Quran in the beginning. If you want to learn rules and correct way of reciting Quran then we are providing classes related to Quran teaching. The best teachers who has years of expertise in Quran executes classes for tutoring of Quran. Our Quran Tutor helps you to correctly preach the Quran and also to pronounce each and every word correctly. In Islam religion it is believed that reciting Quran on regular basis frees you from all sins. Some Muslims recite Quran one time and some many times in a day.

A New and Easy method to Learn Preaching Quran at Any Time

The Quran is not just a book but a sea of knowledge that provides you complete peace, moral, guides you in right way, enlightens you and provides you many more useful ways to see life in right way and relate you to god. Each and every word of Quran is a divine speech and directly addresses Allah Almighty to the humans. If you want to learn preaching Quran anytime as per your need then you have best option that is online Quran. Our online Quran classes is arranged in order to provide you classes everywhere regardless of in which place you are. You can join our Quran classes online anytime and learn the ways of preaching the Quran and reciting it with purity, its, rules and many others norms.

Tajweed rules for reciting Quran

If you want to read Quranic ayah with pronouncing it which is known as tajweed then you need special training for its elocution. If you want to recite Quran with Tajweed rules then you should know what its correct rules are and how to learn them? You can Learn tajweed rules from our tutors or online classes. We provide easy ways to let you know about tajweed rules and learn tajweed rules.

The holy Quran – Now available at click of a button

Unlike older generations, the generation of today prefers to go with a short cut, flexible and cost free methods of learning anything. One such interest of young generations of today stressed on the creation of web portals for Quran, the holy book recites by many around globe. The online availability of Quran made it more popular in terms of its readability as even people who doesn’t have any customary compulsions also reads it to acquire new arena of knowledge. Thus, the online availability improved its visibility and readability across world.

This online availability of Quran encourages one to enroll for a course work that charges a minimum amount from the tutee. However, there are certain web portals where people can learn Quran for free. Such, web portals are formed with an intention to create value to the religion and to the Quran. This web portals offer manuscripts of Quran in their web pages with the rules and recitation style to be followed to recite Quran in its originality. These web portals are completely free of cost and are aimed at spreading the good to the maximum number of people. The web portals act as vehicles for transportation of god’s words to large segment of believers who can’t access Quran offline mode.

The web portals not only provide free Quran but also provide certain applications which can be downloaded and can be accessed at any point of time. This free and flexible availability and accessibility makes ones regular ritual of recitation much easier as they can access to the content of Quran at any time of day by just connecting to internet. The free online Quran accessibility along with free online support system would enrich your learning and reciting experiences. The free online Quran accessibility introduced it to many aspirant readers of Quran and aids them in their regular recitation exercise. Few online portals also offer certain add-ons such as free online consultancy on Quran, audios on pronunciation of Quran, Webinars and video sessions on tips to improve the quality of your recitation. With all such add-ons you can strengthen and fasten your Quran recitation process. All this can happen at just click of a button. Click the button at your convenience and learn Quran.

Do you wish to recite Quran with Tajweed rules applied?

Do you wish to recite Quran without losing its originality? Or are you planning to recite Quran with the original rules applied to it? Then you are in right track as here we are providing few tips and modes of learning recitation of Quran with original rules of tajweed application to it. Leaning Tajweed is a dream of many people who recites Quran on a daily basis as it is believed that Quran was recited by Allah with Tajweed rules applied to it. Perhaps, with this attachment of Quran with Tajweed has made learning Tajweed a compulsion and an expectation for many.

The Tajweed rules application to Quran though seems to be difficult can become easier if you have a right guidance right from your first attempt. Unlike Quran classes, the Tajweed rules can be by hearted by you only when you listen and practice them as many times as possible. However, doing it without a proper and continuous support would not be possible as the tajweed rules are completely scripted in Arabian language. Thus, to make such complex task an easier and friendly one we have come up with a new and novel mode of learning Tajweed and that is nothing but online Tajweed classes. The online tajweed learning is a gift to Quran readers by modern strides of technology. The online Tajweed classes aim at improving the Quran reader’s quality of recitation Quran while applying Tajweed rules.

The online training programs are designed with various levels of learning which starts with a basic/beginners level which assist a new reader of Quran. The basic level is succeeded by intermediary and final levels which are basically for medium knowledge and fully knowledge preceptors of Quran and tajweed rules respectively. The online classes appoint tutors who are committed and have zeal to teach Quran in its originality. The Learning environment of online sessions is tutee-friendly and applies all such methodologies that are tutee-centered. The timing, level of teaching, language and many such factors which affects your learning capabilities would be addressed by the tutor. The tutees also get a learning kit which comprises of audio-visual aids to learning and are self-explanatory in nature. Along with the kit the tutees also get certain webinars and video conferencing classes would make online interaction possible between tutor and tutee, thus creating a congenial environment for learning tajweed. Don’t think any more, go and enroll an online session and update your tajweed rules.

Learn the tricks to Quran recitation

Reading or reciting Quran is a tradition to be followed by every Muslim since their childhood. Most of them recite Quran multiple times in a day. Though it’s a regular practice only a hand full number of people actually knows the ways of reciting Quran in its original form. Learning the recitation of Quran in its original form is a herculean task in these days as there are very few knows how to do it? And very few have someone who can guide them in learning the original form of recitation? Thus, there is a necessity of tutors who can mentor, guide and reproduce the Quran to many who needs a support.

The holy Quran believed to be preached by God “Allah” to Prophet Mohammed which goes as a conversation between them. The original Quran has a specific style o f pronunciation known as Tajweed which everyone who recites Quran expects to learn. However, as we already know there are only few sources available to learn such art of recitation. You can take up a coaching class at your locality that can support till you learn all by yourself or you can join online tutoring sessions that would provide them an opportunity to learn Quran recitation at their own convenience.

You can choose either of the alternatives mentioned above to learn and excel in recitation of Quran. While majority prefers to opt for an offline mode of learning it is recommendable to opt for an online tutoring system. The online learning facility of Quran would enable you to have handy tutor at your convenience. The online Quran tutors gives webinars, materials which are basically self explanatory and enables you to learn majority by your own self without much of intervention of others. This procedure of learning also provides a user and tutor friendly platform through which the learning process becomes more flexible with less hassles. There are many online tutoring institutions who conduct online Quran sessions at the convenience of their tutees with t reasonable fees. The tutor fixes up a schedule considering the needs of tutee and uses user friendly and much technologically advanced modes of delivering a lecture. The Tutor also ensures the learning and knowledge capabilities of the tutees and designs the course work accordingly. The coherence between tutor and tutee would create a perfect learning environment and fills the process of recitation with bed of roses.

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Do you wish to apply Tajweed rules?

Do you recite Quran regularly? Is reciting Quran means just reading it for the sake of tradition since ages or does it has any meaning? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must read these few lines about Quran and its recitation. Reciting Quran means reciting it in the same way it was preached to prophet by god Allah because recitation means talking to god directly. It is believed by many around the globe that Quran is written as a conversation between god and prophet. As per such beliefs if one is reciting Quran means he/she is communicating with the supreme god directly. As a matter of fact you are talking to god and god is listening to you.

However, many of us don’t know the fact that the god preached all the rules and duties to be perceived and applied by you in your daily courses of action. Learning and reciting them daily means being in touch with god every day. If you wish to be with god everyday do the right thing that pleases him and recite the holy Quran in the way it was preached by him. Hence, to recite the Quran in its original form you need to apply Tajweed rules to Quran which a very few of us know. What to do now? How to learn that rules? Don’t worry the advancements of technology made it easy and sophisticated to learn and apply tajweed rules to Quran a convenient and hassle free task. Learn tajweed rules at your convenience with our online portals which are designed to serve the needs of many like you across world.

Our online platforms would assist and fastens your learning process at the cost of convenience. We designed our teaching methodologies in such a way that would give you a chance to look at your own progress at a regular interval while it assist the tutor in modulating his/her pace according to your progress. Our platforms and tutors are designed and trained to be tutee-centric rather than just preaching. We ensure you adhere to the most specific and accurate way of reciting Quran by applying the tajweed rules in their original form. We address your learning issues time to time and extend our assistance at any time you wish for. The schedule of the classes also can be decided by you as per your convenience. You can also record the classes and can listen to them later as and when you want to. Are you ready to learn tajweed rules? then stay online and stay tuned.