Become a Quran Tutor – Earn While at Home

Learning Quran and its verses online is a trend followed by many in these days. This trend of online Quran enlarged the scope and necessity of Quran tutors across nations. The demand for Quran tutors have been multiplying day by day as the spread of the people who wants to learn Quran also enlarging. Learning Quran without a proper and effective tutor is a herculean task as Quran has many Islamic ideologies in its original form. Having a private tutor who teaches Quran in its original form is must for the first time learners of Quran.

The awareness and necessity of people to learn Quran online created a demand for Quran tutors, which give little a chance to earn while they are at their own convenience. The online Quran tutors are well trained and professional and are able to translate Quran from its original form to most convenient and understandable form. The tutors are specialized in teaching the tutees in the way they want and in the right form. Understanding and meeting the requirements of the tutees is the key asset that these tutors posses. The tutors are well versed with the recitation methods of Quran and are trained to deal with any kind of tutee. Both the tutors and tutees can choose a time of their choice which makes learning more joyous and flexible.

Hiring an online tutor for Quran is a very easy and hassle free in this technology-driven society. The tutors are available at various online portals who can teach the complex and original Quran at very simple and basic levels. The courses that are available online for learning Quran are designed to meet the requirements of different category people with different levels of knowledge. The tutors are trained in such way that makes them accessible to all categories of people. The online avenues are coming up with novel ways of teaching Quran at the convenience of one’s home. The tutors of these avenues would serve as the major disseminators of true insights of Quran. The avenue would provide one tutor for one tutee based on the requirement of the tutee and also provides male or female tutors according to the instructions by tutee. The tutors are well qualified and posses’ scholastic abilities that would further enlarges the learning experiences of the tutees. The online avenues also provide webinars through which one can meet their tutor online and learn more effectively the holy Quran.

Tajweed – Art of reciting the Quran

Tajweed literally means ‘To beautify ‘. Tajweed is nothing but the set of rules and regulations of pronunciation while reciting the Holy Quran. It enhances the way one pronounces the words in Quran and helps in pronouncing them in the way akin to the way they were pronounced by Prophet Mohammed. As it teaches and clears the way one pronounces Quran it is essential to learn Tajweed for everyone who recites Quran on day to day basis. Tajweed not only influences the pronunciation of Quran but also the meaning of the verses in Quran that is why Tajweed is popular in many parts of the world where people recite Quran.

As Quran is one of the most reading holy books it has lot of prominence in terms of acceptability and applicability. So, pronouncing and reciting it in the proper and correct way is utmost important. This popularity and prominence of Quran has also enriched the importance of Tajweed across globe. Tajweed has its applicability in almost all the places around the globe where Quran is being recited and practiced. The usage and need of Tajweed laid foundation for many online portals where one can enroll and take regular Tajweed classes in order to improve the way they recite verses of Quran. Along with online Tajweed classes even online Quran classes are available where one can join in certain communities and can learn and understand the Quran in its original form. By accessing to such online sources would provide avenues to spread Islamism and principles of Quran in its original form to millions across globe.

Alike Quran tajweed also being translated or has dictionaries where in one can find meaning or pronunciation of Tajweed words in their native language. As Quran is being translated to many other languages, there is a need for translation of Tajweed even. This translation of Quran and Tajweed makes it more accessible, available and affordable by many. By utilizing these online resources one can improve the way they pronounce Quran by using proper Tajweed pronunciation and also can enhance their understandability of Quran. The online channel of learning Tajweed would improve the quality of Quran pronunciation and also at their own comfort one can improve their knowledge and love of God. Especially learning Quran with Tajweed online would be an effective and efficient way of spreading the message of Islam and supreme god Allah.

The holy Quran- The source of guidance

The holy Quran is the source of guidance and an important religious book for Islam religion. All the discourses in the holy book are being expressed by god Allah’s messenger. It’s an ultimate solution to many problems of humans. It is completely based on a message by Allah and encourages people to follow and have faith on Allah while dealing with various human problems. It is believed by people of Islam that the Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad by Allah in the month of Ramadan. The holy book contains 300 pages which are divided into 114 chapters called Surahs. And further the Quran has 6666 ayahs or verses.

It is believed by the Islamic religion that Quran is the book that throws light on the life and erases all the sins and gives happiness to those who believes and recites it. It is being treated as the book that teaches respect and guides every one till the Day of Judgment. Reciting one juz per day would show the path towards one’s destiny. As it is written in the form of a conversation between God and the human it depicts how one should serve and worship the supreme god Allah.

As a practice every Muslim has to recite a jaz per day be it is a young or old individual. But reciting Quran is not an easy affair as everyone cannot understand the original way it is being written. That is why the Quran is being translated to many other language to spread the word of God Allah. One such translation involve translation of Quran to English as English is one of the most common and widely speaking language in the world. Learning or reciting Quran in English would spread it too rapidly across and also makes it more popular and famous across globe. Also reciting Quran in English enhances the understanding of the verses which are basically written in Arabic language. As Quran is the only holy book that is being read over and over it is very important to have the accessibility of the book as and when it is needed. These are the certain factors that made the online access to Quran and also its accessibility in original and translated forms possible. Now, Quran is available online in both in English and in Arabic languages. On a whole Allah is the supreme personality to be followed and worshiped by the Muslims across the globe and that is why Quran is the only book being read by millions.

Tajweed Rules – Proper way to learn Qur’an

Tajweed is strongly related to Qur’an, it has been originated in order to make proper pronunciation to the almighty’s words mentioned in the Holy Qur’an .It renders way to your tongue from making any sorts of mistakes while reciting the words of Allah.

By adding beautiful voice as well as avoiding mistakes you can improvise pronouncing in Qur’an. The term Tajweed is derived from the trilateral root j-w-d, this means to make better improve. Many of us especially non-Arabs do make mistakes while reading Qur’an; this is due to the ignorance of Tajweed rules which is the religious duty which is to be followed by all of us.

There even exists many websites and books that helps improve your knowledge and application of the Tajweed rules for reciting the Qur’an properly. Lessons related to Tajweed are also explained in different manners in which understanding becomes much easier.

Usually the mistakes are made in the letters only and this happens due to the wrong articulation point of a letter as well as improper timings of vowels, this missed out timings in expressing vowels results due to lengthening a vowel than its normal count.

Thus there are several manners to be followed for the best recitation of Qur’an which includes the manners of heart and the external manners too.

Manners of heart say you should understand that Qur’an is not the word of a man. It’s very important to understand its origin and every meaning which is only possible by throwing away every other thought except the meaning of Qur’an, you have to be humble and start feeling that every message in the Qur’an is only meant personally for yourself and start feeling it devotedly.

Secondly, external manners involves being heedful and wary about the purity in and around your body and surrounding. Most importantly you must face the Qiblah and should not stop at any verse of seeking Allah’s protection as well as his mercy towards yourself. You should not forget that its one and only Allah to whom you should be thankful and finally recite Qur’an with all your heart and soul for the sake of God.

During the time of the Prophet (pbuh), there wasn’t any need for the people to learn Tajweed rules so as to recite God’s words. Later with the spread of Islam ,the Arabs got mixed with the non-Arabs which resulted in the mistakes of reciting the Qur’an .Thus the Scholars decided to record the rules later they called it as Tajweed rules to recite the Qur’an in a proper manner.

Tajweed plays a great role in the deficient free pronunciation of God’s words, it adds an essence and which eventually makes the recitation more efficient with the rulings of every letter. Tajweed is extremely necessary with the spread of Islam, both Arabs and non-Arabs are reading Qur’an but in different pronunciation, thus for bringing an equality in their recitation Tajweed is must. In order to avoid distortions and mistakes in the recitation of Qur’an Tajweed rules are need to be followed.