Do you wish to apply Tajweed rules?

Do you recite Quran regularly? Is reciting Quran means just reading it for the sake of tradition since ages or does it has any meaning? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must read these few lines about Quran and its recitation. Reciting Quran means reciting it in the same way it was preached to prophet by god Allah because recitation means talking to god directly. It is believed by many around the globe that Quran is written as a conversation between god and prophet. As per such beliefs if one is reciting Quran means he/she is communicating with the supreme god directly. As a matter of fact you are talking to god and god is listening to you.

However, many of us don’t know the fact that the god preached all the rules and duties to be perceived and applied by you in your daily courses of action. Learning and reciting them daily means being in touch with god every day. If you wish to be with god everyday do the right thing that pleases him and recite the holy Quran in the way it was preached by him. Hence, to recite the Quran in its original form you need to apply Tajweed rules to Quran which a very few of us know. What to do now? How to learn that rules? Don’t worry the advancements of technology made it easy and sophisticated to learn and apply tajweed rules to Quran a convenient and hassle free task. Learn tajweed rules at your convenience with our online portals which are designed to serve the needs of many like you across world.

Our online platforms would assist and fastens your learning process at the cost of convenience. We designed our teaching methodologies in such a way that would give you a chance to look at your own progress at a regular interval while it assist the tutor in modulating his/her pace according to your progress. Our platforms and tutors are designed and trained to be tutee-centric rather than just preaching. We ensure you adhere to the most specific and accurate way of reciting Quran by applying the tajweed rules in their original form. We address your learning issues time to time and extend our assistance at any time you wish for. The schedule of the classes also can be decided by you as per your convenience. You can also record the classes and can listen to them later as and when you want to. Are you ready to learn tajweed rules? then stay online and stay tuned.


Stay blessed with our online Quran classes

Are you among one who recites Quran on a daily basis? Do you wish to recite the Quran in its original form? Would you need a supporter in your good deeds? So, here we are offering online Quran classes to all those who wants to learn and recite Quran with its purity. The holy Quran believed to be the words spelled by the God Allah to Prophet Muhammad who later passed it to his disciples. As the Quran filled with words of god it is not easy for everyone to recite it the way it was preached. Learning and reciting in the same way needs proper guidance from someone who excelled in preaching and reciting it.

Finding someone with such qualities is a bit difficult for everyone that is why we are here introducing the most effective and efficient online Quran tutoring services which would makes your recitation pure and subtle. We offer online Quran classes to tutees across world at the convenience of both tutor and tutee. We have an online platform where the tutor and tutee can be in touch regularly and can communicate as and when it is needed. Our tutors ensure that you fulfill your attempts of recitation with perfection. We have trained and talented tutors who have excelled in recitation of Quran and are committed to spread the words of God to every nuke and corner of the world.

The commitment and professionalism of our tutors is one key competitive factor that would amaze you in the way of learning Quran. Our tutors cross all sorts of barriers to facilitate a convenient and flexible learning environment. We have designed our systems in such a way that they would respect the needs and requirements of both tutor and tutee. The learning methodology by all our tutors is standardized and uses the most practical and flexible way of learning. We and our tutors ensure value to your money and are committed to create value to you. We adopt a teaching methodology by considering your standards and we strictly adhere to them until and unless you raise an exception. Our tutee centric teaching methodology would definitely make your learning an amazing journey while keeping in view the basics of Quran recitation. We schedule the classes by considering your timings and convenience and ensure to provide you assistance as and when you require. Are you ready now? Join us for your happy recitation!

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Become a Quran tutor at your convenience

Reciting holy Quran daily is a ritual to be followed by Muslims across world. This ritual has been followed by Muslims since ages. Reciting Quran is not just reading it but understanding and culminating the values that were disclosed by the prophet Muhammad. Understanding these god’s disclosures is a bit difficult for all the Muslims as it involves application of certain rules while reciting Quran. Having guidance or a constant supervision by a mentor would be helpful for such people in reciting the Quran in its original form.

Quran being a conversation between god Allah and Prophet Muhammad and it is believed that reciting Quran every day would washes off all sins and misdeeds of people. So, learn recitation of Quran with utmost diligence right from the first instance and understand the values that the holy book brought to le to the world. Are you one among such people who can recite the Holy Quran in its original form? Do you able to spread the true spirits of Quran to the young world of our generation? All these you can do by just sitting at your own home at the cost of your convenience. Yes, you are hearing it right. You can teach and spread the messages of God to those who want to perceive and apply them for the good of mankind.

If you are willing to spread the words of God throughout the world by crossing all the natural boundaries, we are here to support you in your good deeds. We are specialized in arranging online Quran teaching classes to the set of students who requested online tutoring of Quran. We arrange the classes by considering the convenience of the tutor and tutee. The convenience of time is the prime focus while we expect excellence from our tutors in preaching the Quran. We also expect our tutors to be resistant to various cultural and language barriers that would create a nice and healthy bond between the tutor and tutee. Tutor should have knowledge in English as it is a medium through which you can eliminate language barriers. Quran Tutor should own an open mind that would eliminate all kinds of discriminations and would promote smooth learning and teaching environment. We fix up a class by taking in to consideration your time and convenience while expecting you to be responsible towards your assignment. If you posses all the expected qualities we invite you whole heartedly to become the chariot of spreading gods words.

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Read Quran anywhere with Online Quran platforms

Quran, the holy book recites by millions of people across globe daily and is a practice since ages. Reciting Quran regularly at specified timings is a tradition to be followed by each and every Muslim irrespective of the place he lives. Especially in the month of Ramadan it is the duty of each Muslim to recite Quran with more sacredness and spirituality. Carrying the holy Quran in physical form may not be possible for everyone in this fast moving society which may break the thousand year’s tradition of Muslims.

In order to overcome such difficulties the modern technology has come up with an unpredictable and prerogative solution. That is Quran in online form. There are many online platforms offering online Quran portals, through which one can access Quran any time of the day. You can directly access Quran form their online platforms or can download an application through which you can read Quran even in offline mode. The invention of Quran online has proven to be handy and innovative as it has already reached many sheer corners of the world. The online websites also providing Quran printed in many ways and allows you to choose the one which you follow or got habituated to.

This read Quran online has got its prominence mostly in the Islamic centered areas and is emerging in the other parts of the world slowly. The advantages of reading Quran at one’s convenience, easy to carry way, free flow of scripture in its original form have made the online sources more familiar and popular across world. The applications for mobiles are also available for all the mobiles with different operating systems.

In these online reading portals this finest piece of literature has been available in its original form and also in many other translated forms. The reading can be done in original Arabic language or can be done in Urdu or English as per your convenience, the same with the mobile applications as well. Not only reading by one’s self but also listening to the Quran is also possible in these websites and mobile applications. All these new and contemporary approaches to read Quran has blurred out the conventional difficulties of Quran readers around globe. Now, at the convenience of your home or office you can read Quran with same interest and spirituality. As the Ramadan month is around try this new platforms that are just a click away from you. Happy Ramadan!

How to apply Tajweed rules to Quran?

Tajweed linguistically means pronunciation.Literally means the rules through which each word of Quran has to be pronounced is what is known as Tajweed in Islamic belief. Many of us believe that Quran has been propounded by God Allah to Prophet Mohammed by applying Tajweed rules to Quran. The Quran is the word of Allah propounded for the benefit of mankind. Pronouncing it in the way it is originally propounded would add more divinity to Quran. Application of Tajweed rules is very important for many people who recite Quran daily as said by many scholars. So, many of us want to learn Tajweed rules especially to preserve and protect the value and holiness of the Quran.

Learning and applying these Tajweed rules to Quran is a herculean and costly affair due to lack of proper channels and tutors in offline mode. However, the modern technological advancements has a solution that comes handy for those who wish to learn Tajweed rules at the cost of their convenience, The modern online sources would help anyone across globe n finding a perfect tutor with flexible timings. There are many online Tajweed tutor platforms available that would ensure the application of Tajweed rules to Quran. The online platforms would ensure your satisfaction while keeping in view your requirements.

Perhaps, the online sources proven to be authentic and most brilliant ways of learning and applying Tajweed rules to Quran as you get exposed to the most ancient form of Tajweed which sometimes may not be available with offline tutors. Apart from general tutoring of Tajweed rules we ensure you pronounce it properly at each instance till the course completion. We also assist you even after completing your course by regularly conversing and monitoring your pronunciation growth. Our tutors are having good amount of knowledge and expertise in recitation of Quran with Tajweed rules applied to it. Our quality teaching coupled with flexible timings tutee centered approach would definitely improve the way you pronounce Quran.

Apart from the above stated features our online Tajweed rule teaching avenues also values our tutees money. We offer sessions at competitive rates keeping in view the tutees requirements and concerns. So, want to pronounce Quran in its original form, why late enroll with our Online Tajweed rule tutor and recite the Holy Quran in the form propounded by God Allah.

Is reciting Quran a hassle – Enroll in Our Online Quran sessions

Are you planning to learn Quran? Do you want to learn Quran at your door step? Going to an institution or getting a home tutor might be a costly affair and also might need a fixed time to learn. Our online Quran classes would relieve you from all such hassles and teaches you Quran at your door step. A one stop solution to all your worries about learning Quran is here. We the Online Quran tutors would help you out in your Endeavour of learning Quran at the cost of your convenience.

Our online Quran learning facility has fulfilled the quest of many people around the world who desires to learn Quran on a regular basis. Our Online Quran classes would help you in planning your schedule in advance as per your convenience. Our tutors give much priority to our tutees convenience rather than just finishing off with the sessions. Before starting up with your classes we recommend you to take few induction sessions during which we match up the requirements of the tutors and tutees keeping in view the convenience of both tutor and tutee.

Our tutors are well-trained and professional and can deal with tutees of different knowledge levels. Before starting up actual sessions introductory sessions will be conducted online for mutual understanding of tutor and tutee. Our tutors ensure sessions would be tutee centered rather than mere completion. Our skilled tutors would definitely add up to your knowledge in Quran and makes you’re learning a tension free Affair.

Besides qualified tutors we prefer tutee friendly sessions which mean we offer sessions as per tutees timings. Our tutee friendly teaching platform coupled with tutee convenience would make your learning Quran online more exciting and flexible. Along with quality tutors, flexible timings our Online Quran classes would not pinch your pockets much. Time and money spent once can never come back; keeping this in mind we value our tutees money and offer all the online learning sources at relatively competitive rates with utmost quality assured. Our flexible timings, teaching, quality tutors, competitive rates have already attracted quite a good amount of tutees towards our online Quran learning sessions. Would you also want to be a part of our classes? Would you also want to learn Quran at a faster pace in this fast track society? Why late? Enroll to our Online Quran classes, become a true reader of Quran with in no time.

EQuran – Recite Quran Online

EQuran or reciting Quran online is the easiest and the most convenient way of learning Quran at one’s door step. As a tradition of religion all Muslims across globe have to recite Quran every day. The bustling city life people may or may not find time, convenient place for reciting Quran at work. Quran or availability of Quran and its suras, verses online makes it more viable for those who works or travels frequently. As Quran has to be recited daily its availability on various mediums made it more popular and many around the globe whether they are Muslims or not tries to read Quran.

For the convenience of such people there are certain institutions which translated Quran to English and made it accessible on various platforms through which a wide spectrum of people can access the scriptures and literature of Quran. Availability of Quran online also preserves the values and traditions of religion as every Muslim across globe can recite it daily on the specified schedule of the religion. Learning or reciting Quran online would also improve one’s commitment and dedication towards religion and also protect the cultural values of Quran.

The modern generation may or may not show interest in reading Quran in its original form. EQuran or online availability of Quran made it easy to access the Quran in most convenient and affordable way. There are certain educational institutions which are translating Quran form Arab to English, so that children can understand and learn Quran at home. These institutions conduct online classes in which they employed qualified Arabic teachers who translates Quran from Arab to English and makes it easy for kids and children.

Learning Quran online in its original form with the help of latest technology and an online tutor would be exciting and interesting. These educational institutions online also provides various short term and long term courses through which one can learn Quran at their convenient timings. The charges for these service also less and there is no registration fee. One can also attend trail lessons through which one can experience the levels of online tutors. Apart from these facilities there are no time obligations. One can choose the slot which is convenient and flexible for them. They offer month to month service, which means you can stop course as and when you want. The charges for these service also considerably less. So, enroll for an online class now.