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Learning Quran online is now just a few clicks away from you. Our highly qualified & experienced male and female Quran tutors teach the Quran with Tajweed. If you’re looking for the opportunity to study in a way befitted to your busy lifestyle, we proudly offer online Quran classes by our suitably Quran tutor. We are determined to help everyone to learn Quran the way they should regardless of their religion, race, color, gender, creed or national origin and spread the message of Allah. We offer free trial classes so that one can see how effective can be learning Quran by sitting at home from anywhere with Tajweed. Continue reading “Join the Online Quran Program”


Best Quran Study Online

We provide Quran translation and Quran recitation courses best designed to understand and recite Quran. Our highly qualified & experienced male and female Quran tutors teach the Quran with Tajweed. We offer free trial classes so that one can see how effective can be learning Quran by sitting at home from anywhere with Tajweed. If you’re looking for the opportunity to study in a way befitted to your busy lifestyle, we proudly offer online Quran classes by our suitably Quran tutor. Our Online Quran Programs are organized to give benefits to those people who are facing difficulties in reaching to mosques or other Islamic Continue reading “Best Quran Study Online”

Best Quran Lesson Classes

The Quran is a record of the exact words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It was memorized by Muhammad (peace be upon him) and then dictated to his companions, and written down by scribes, who crosschecked it during his lifetime. Not one word of its 114 Surah’s, has been changed over the centuries, so that the Quran is in every detail the unique and miraculous text which was revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him) fourteen centuries ago. Learning Quran Online has been one of most helpful and effective procedures that assist Muslims all around the world about the teaching of Quran and about Islam. The motive of our institute is to provide Quran lesson classes in an easy and flexible way to kids and elders at their home; it’s easier than you can think.

Now you and your kids can gain the knowledge of Islam at their home in front of your eyes, so no need to drive your kids far away to a mosque to learn Quran with Tajweed. This indicates the need and value of online read Quran learning. The very basic course for learning to read Holy Quran with proper Tajweed rules is here. The students who are not able to identify Quranic alphabets will be taught in the ways they will learn accurately and quickly. On the completion of this course you will amazingly find yourself reading Quran with proper Tajweed rules and accent. Thousands of people have finished and memorized the holy Qur’an from our teaching. It does not matter that how young or old you are or if you are a beginner, with the help of our highly qualified tutors we will start guiding you from basic Noorani Qaida lessons gradually improving to the higher level of Tajweed. Our institute has the most effective program of learning Quran through internet.

We started with the aim of spreading education about Islam and Quran online to each continent of planet through the internet. Our courses are available to all age groups, now we have students from all over the world majorly from Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Middle East. Hundreds of students have completed Quran Reading, Tajweed, Tafseer, Translation and Memorization courses with us. Our courses are devised to build moral character of students according to Islam. Learn Quran which is available round the clock 24/7. Our teachers and staff is highly Qualified, trained and professional in their work. We have qualified female teachers for Muslim sisters who are not comfortable going outside of their home. We have a web portal for our students through which they can check their daily lessons, schedules and find more interact with teachers. We are determined to make best use of internet that is spreading message of Quran in the whole world.


To help the souls who desire to be enlightened with the blessing of Holy Quran across the boundaries of countries and oceans and to enhance their knowledge about Quran, by delivering best distance learning-Quran Tutoring services, at lowest cost possible. To make sure that student benefit from seamless experience of World-class services 24/7/365.To provide a platform where every people, who is yet deprived of the knowledge of Holy Quran because he or she is not able to leave his or her house on daily basis, can learn to recite and understand Holy Quran, regardless of where they live. We delivers quality services that suit kids as well as adults that are either unable to read The Holy Quran or are not aware of the Tajweedrules and want to learn recitation in a proper manner. All our Quran teachers are highly trained to teach students, we have female teachers for female students. We always emphasize the teachers to start the classes on time and end on time and we make it sure in our supervision. The Quran Teacher divides the class in two section, the major time is devoted for Qaida / Quran Lesson and small portion is left for Namaz, Qaliam and Duas. So our students not only get the Quran lesson but also basic Islamic knowledge as well and we can teach this on advanced level as well.A research conducted for analyzing the situation of Muslim students and Islamic institutes across fifteen different countries ended up in a remarkable result. Due to the hectic routine and busy schedule of parents and absence of nearby Islamic schools and academies, it had become almost impossible for Muslim parents to enroll their children in such programs. This indicates the need and value of onlineQuranclasses. 1. Availability of tutor at your convenient time and days. As we provide classes 24/7. 2. No transport issues or traveling cost concerns as the courses we offered are live and online with latest technology. 3. Individual lesson per kid with one to one interactive sessions. 4. Learn from where ever you want even while sitting at home in a custom environment comfortable for the student. 5. Availability of trained and acknowledged multilingual tutors, female Qur’an tutors and a choice of selecting the teaching staff. Individual attention and care are sufficient to help the student learn progressively and let the tutor cater all the educational needs of the student. In this global world having your kids.


The holy Quran – Now available at click of a button

Unlike older generations, the generation of today prefers to go with a short cut, flexible and cost free methods of learning anything. One such interest of young generations of today stressed on the creation of web portals for Quran, the holy book recites by many around globe. The online availability of Quran made it more popular in terms of its readability as even people who doesn’t have any customary compulsions also reads it to acquire new arena of knowledge. Thus, the online availability improved its visibility and readability across world.

This online availability of Quran encourages one to enroll for a course work that charges a minimum amount from the tutee. However, there are certain web portals where people can learn Quran for free. Such, web portals are formed with an intention to create value to the religion and to the Quran. This web portals offer manuscripts of Quran in their web pages with the rules and recitation style to be followed to recite Quran in its originality. These web portals are completely free of cost and are aimed at spreading the good to the maximum number of people. The web portals act as vehicles for transportation of god’s words to large segment of believers who can’t access Quran offline mode.

The web portals not only provide free Quran but also provide certain applications which can be downloaded and can be accessed at any point of time. This free and flexible availability and accessibility makes ones regular ritual of recitation much easier as they can access to the content of Quran at any time of day by just connecting to internet. The free online Quran accessibility along with free online support system would enrich your learning and reciting experiences. The free online Quran accessibility introduced it to many aspirant readers of Quran and aids them in their regular recitation exercise. Few online portals also offer certain add-ons such as free online consultancy on Quran, audios on pronunciation of Quran, Webinars and video sessions on tips to improve the quality of your recitation. With all such add-ons you can strengthen and fasten your Quran recitation process. All this can happen at just click of a button. Click the button at your convenience and learn Quran.

EQuran – Recite Quran Online

EQuran or reciting Quran online is the easiest and the most convenient way of learning Quran at one’s door step. As a tradition of religion all Muslims across globe have to recite Quran every day. The bustling city life people may or may not find time, convenient place for reciting Quran at work. Quran or availability of Quran and its suras, verses online makes it more viable for those who works or travels frequently. As Quran has to be recited daily its availability on various mediums made it more popular and many around the globe whether they are Muslims or not tries to read Quran.

For the convenience of such people there are certain institutions which translated Quran to English and made it accessible on various platforms through which a wide spectrum of people can access the scriptures and literature of Quran. Availability of Quran online also preserves the values and traditions of religion as every Muslim across globe can recite it daily on the specified schedule of the religion. Learning or reciting Quran online would also improve one’s commitment and dedication towards religion and also protect the cultural values of Quran.

The modern generation may or may not show interest in reading Quran in its original form. EQuran or online availability of Quran made it easy to access the Quran in most convenient and affordable way. There are certain educational institutions which are translating Quran form Arab to English, so that children can understand and learn Quran at home. These institutions conduct online classes in which they employed qualified Arabic teachers who translates Quran from Arab to English and makes it easy for kids and children.

Learning Quran online in its original form with the help of latest technology and an online tutor would be exciting and interesting. These educational institutions online also provides various short term and long term courses through which one can learn Quran at their convenient timings. The charges for these service also less and there is no registration fee. One can also attend trail lessons through which one can experience the levels of online tutors. Apart from these facilities there are no time obligations. One can choose the slot which is convenient and flexible for them. They offer month to month service, which means you can stop course as and when you want. The charges for these service also considerably less. So, enroll for an online class now.