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The very basic course for learning to read Holy Quran with proper Tajweed rules is here. The students who are not able to identify Quranic alphabets will be taught in the ways they will learn accurately and quickly. On the completion of this course you will amazingly find yourself online Quran reading with proper Tajweed rules and accent. In addition to this, basic Islamic education will also be provided like Duas, Prayers, and six Kalimas etc. A research conducted for analyzing the situation of Muslim students and Islamic institutes across fifteen different countries ended up in a remarkable result. Due to the hectic routine and busy schedule followed by parents and the absence of nearby Islamic schools and academies, it had become almost impossible for Muslim parents to enroll their children in such programs. This indicates the need and value of online read Quran learning.

All our Teachers are thoroughly scrutinize before hiring, after hiring they go through intense training in which they are trained how to teach online, how to make the class interactive. Quran Tutors are specially trained to handle the kids parents don’t have to ask them to go online for the class. Through this proficient online program, the student can avail the opportunity of directly connecting with his or her teacher. Individual attention and care are sufficient to help the student learn progressively and let the tutor cater to all the educational needs of the student. All our Quran teachers are highly trained to teach students, we have female teachers for female students. We always emphasize the teachers to start the classes on time and end on time and we make it sure in our supervision.

The Quran Teacher divides the class in two section, the major time is devoted for Qaida / read Quran Lesson and small portion is left for Namaz, Qaliam and Duas. Soour students not only get the free Quran online lesson but also basic Islamic knowledge as well and we can teach this on advanced level as well. To help the souls who desire to be enlightened with the blessing of Holy Quran across the boundaries of countries and oceans and to enhance their knowledge about Quran, by delivering best distance learning-Quran Tutoring services, at lowest cost possible. To make sure that student benefit from seamless experience of World-class services 24/7/365.


Best Quran Lesson Classes

The Quran is a record of the exact words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It was memorized by Muhammad (peace be upon him) and then dictated to his companions, and written down by scribes, who crosschecked it during his lifetime. Not one word of its 114 Surah’s, has been changed over the centuries, so that the Quran is in every detail the unique and miraculous text which was revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him) fourteen centuries ago. Learning Quran Online has been one of most helpful and effective procedures that assist Muslims all around the world about the teaching of Quran and about Islam. The motive of our institute is to provide Quran lesson classes in an easy and flexible way to kids and elders at their home; it’s easier than you can think.

Now you and your kids can gain the knowledge of Islam at their home in front of your eyes, so no need to drive your kids far away to a mosque to learn Quran with Tajweed. This indicates the need and value of online read Quran learning. The very basic course for learning to read Holy Quran with proper Tajweed rules is here. The students who are not able to identify Quranic alphabets will be taught in the ways they will learn accurately and quickly. On the completion of this course you will amazingly find yourself reading Quran with proper Tajweed rules and accent. Thousands of people have finished and memorized the holy Qur’an from our teaching. It does not matter that how young or old you are or if you are a beginner, with the help of our highly qualified tutors we will start guiding you from basic Noorani Qaida lessons gradually improving to the higher level of Tajweed. Our institute has the most effective program of learning Quran through internet.

We started with the aim of spreading education about Islam and Quran online to each continent of planet through the internet. Our courses are available to all age groups, now we have students from all over the world majorly from Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Middle East. Hundreds of students have completed Quran Reading, Tajweed, Tafseer, Translation and Memorization courses with us. Our courses are devised to build moral character of students according to Islam. Learn Quran which is available round the clock 24/7. Our teachers and staff is highly Qualified, trained and professional in their work. We have qualified female teachers for Muslim sisters who are not comfortable going outside of their home. We have a web portal for our students through which they can check their daily lessons, schedules and find more interact with teachers. We are determined to make best use of internet that is spreading message of Quran in the whole world.

Stay blessed with our online Quran classes

Are you among one who recites Quran on a daily basis? Do you wish to recite the Quran in its original form? Would you need a supporter in your good deeds? So, here we are offering online Quran classes to all those who wants to learn and recite Quran with its purity. The holy Quran believed to be the words spelled by the God Allah to Prophet Muhammad who later passed it to his disciples. As the Quran filled with words of god it is not easy for everyone to recite it the way it was preached. Learning and reciting in the same way needs proper guidance from someone who excelled in preaching and reciting it.

Finding someone with such qualities is a bit difficult for everyone that is why we are here introducing the most effective and efficient online Quran tutoring services which would makes your recitation pure and subtle. We offer online Quran classes to tutees across world at the convenience of both tutor and tutee. We have an online platform where the tutor and tutee can be in touch regularly and can communicate as and when it is needed. Our tutors ensure that you fulfill your attempts of recitation with perfection. We have trained and talented tutors who have excelled in recitation of Quran and are committed to spread the words of God to every nuke and corner of the world.

The commitment and professionalism of our tutors is one key competitive factor that would amaze you in the way of learning Quran. Our tutors cross all sorts of barriers to facilitate a convenient and flexible learning environment. We have designed our systems in such a way that they would respect the needs and requirements of both tutor and tutee. The learning methodology by all our tutors is standardized and uses the most practical and flexible way of learning. We and our tutors ensure value to your money and are committed to create value to you. We adopt a teaching methodology by considering your standards and we strictly adhere to them until and unless you raise an exception. Our tutee centric teaching methodology would definitely make your learning an amazing journey while keeping in view the basics of Quran recitation. We schedule the classes by considering your timings and convenience and ensure to provide you assistance as and when you require. Are you ready now? Join us for your happy recitation!

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